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About : Well , i grew up in England , never dreaming about photography . That came to get me about 2 or 3 years ago . I got my first professional camera on Christmas of 2006 , and since than i just paid a lot of interest into fashion and stuff like that - To be honest , at first i took that hobby as a way to meet girls lol , because i would call up girls to take some professional photos for their networking sites - And then people started recognizing my work and i kept being told I'm doing really good . So i kind of started to learn more techniques , work with lighting a bit and put everything together piece by piece. Now I'm only into fashion - Not so much inspired by sports illustrated or such lol - more into Vogue & GQ. I love the old fashion couture shots - those are my favorite - Not a big fan of colorful images , more into black&whites and faded colors . They bring out more emotion in my opinion . You can always seek a story behind old fashioned photographs , in my opinion.

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