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About me

I have been able to spend a couple years and a lot of passion developing and exploring what I like in an image - though the explorations are far from complete I've developed a bit of a style that some people other than just myself seem to appreciate. I am, that said, still far from done learning and exploring shooting and processing techniques.

Whilst I shoot just to make interesting images, I do have a vision of being able to make a living from my photography one day. Fashion and beauty images, while fun to shoot, hold little to no 'value' in the terms of selling prints or books (the 'value' coming almost exclusively if commissioned). Therefore I have a strong interest in shooting nude work, with the optimistic delusion that I will be able to generate some print sales from the work in the future. I have no intention of getting involved in micro-stock photography, I don't feel that it values the work of a photographer in any appreciable way.

Being in this for artistic expression and as an obsession, I am almost always willing to shoot and having ideas that I want to play with and explore. While I am selective in who I work with, I encourage you to get in touch. All my casting calls are active and I have many more ideas as well - some that definitely require a lot of a model that I just haven't found anyone willing to endure (corset piercing, playing with fire, body casting - to name a few), some that require a lot more in the way of set / wardrobe / time investment than I'm going to make anytime soon without a great muse to catalyze me and change life priorities.

What do I look for in a model - Facial structure, great complexion, athleticism & muscle tone, flexibility, a body free from surgical alterations and tattoos, open mind and adventurous spirit, confidence, willingness to learn and someone willing to do what it takes to get the shot (waking up at 1am and hiking for 10 hours has happened in the past). A "Freak of Nature" (aka fashion model) build also helps. Ideally someone who would like to shoot with me multiple times - if I find the model inspiring to my creativity I'd prefer to let it play with them several times. Experience is not necessary, I'm more than willing and able to teach the basics of modeling (though it's up to the model to practice and develop). Above all, I look to be inspired by a model - I want to see possibilities on what I can do with them when I look at them (or at least their portfolio).

Do I shoot TFP - Yes, however unless I approach you expect to be posing nude for me either art nude or mixed with the beauty or fashion genres

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nice work !!!!

Posted by Akamai Entertainment on March 18, 2014.

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