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Profession: Photographer #18719
Body type: Muscular
Waist: 34 - 37
Height: 6'0"(183cm)
Weight: 170 - 190lbs(78-86kg)
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Short
Ethnicity: White/Causasian


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45 years old
United States
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About me

HUMBLED FEMALES is an active online adult community drawing readers from many walks of life, though the one unifying element bringing us together is our heartfelt belief of the good of adult relationships where females overtly and consensually submit to their male counterparts.

In addition to our forums, we have a media archive, too, where users can hear audio lectures, download private publications, and view adult media for entertainment and inspiration. You can view the preview page for this content here:

DESCRIPTION OF OUR WORK: Our work ranges from artful erotic imagery to graphic depictions of master-slave interactions, involving collars, leashes, cages, obedience training, oral service, and corporeal aspects of discipline. The model's limits are respected, of course. We offer a safe, friendly, drug and disease-free work environment and provide legitimate model waivers. Models are encouraged to maintain a regular working relationship with us, where ongoing work may be offered.

Females seeking employment with us should be:

1. Submissive;
2. Drug and disease free;
3. In shape and under the age of 45;
4. Enthusiastic and open-minded;
5. Friendly and reliable, and;
6. Preferably no or very few tattoos.

We are also seeking male talent, too! Males who want to work with us should be:

1. Familiar with dominance;
2. Drug and disease free;
3. Physically good looking;
4. Under the age of 50;
5. Caucasian, and;
6. Preferably no or very few tattoos.

Write to us here, or email us at admin (@ symbol)

We look forward to hearing from you!

Marc Esadrian

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