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Profession: Video Performer #17461
Body type: Thin
Waist: 34 - 37
Height: 6'1"(185cm)
Weight: 170 - 190lbs(78-86kg)
Chest: 39 - 42
Dress/Shirt: 36 - 40
Shoes: 10/10.5
Hair color: Other
Hair length: Very short
Ethnicity: White/Causasian
Work type: Depends on Assignment
Video Interests: Boy/Girl, Blow Job, Anal, Latex, Orgy, BDSM, DP, Cam Model, Fetish
Modeling Interest: Adult Nude, Adult Performer, Art, Erotic Nude, Nude
Work status: U.S. Citizen
Experience: Some Experience
Professional Stats: Amateur
Travel stats: Domestic Only--Expenses Paid, Domestic/International--Expenses Paid, Domestic Only--Cover my own expenses


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45 years old
United States
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Hi this is Jack hope to meet you soon I'm a little new to the camera but not to the scene having dated a couple of porn stars and going to swinger parties I've met a few people in the Biz .i always wanted to be a pornstor "what guy hasn't?"but the opertunity never actually materialized until my divorce so now I'm a free man to do as I please i'm really interested in being a director more than anything else not sure if these messages work so I'm going to leave my email is mr.devilmcp@gmail shoot me a message if you're in the LA area would really love to find people hopefully to become friends people of like mind in the area who would want to shoot and split content when the clip s hopefully to become friends people of like mind in the area who would want to shoot and split content when the clip sells if it's just a boy/girl it would be 50-50 but I know that it's hard to trust people so I understand if you want money upfront as well unfortunately I'm not made of it .money that is........ Contact me at mr.devilmcp@gmail

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Ms. Nina Swiss
Video Performer

Thanks Sweetheart for your pic comment! xoxo

Posted by Ms. Nina Swiss on August 24, 2016.

Derek Forreal

Hey man where are you at? I've been busy. Give me a call or text.

Posted by Derek Forreal on July 27, 2016.

Derek Forreal

I've got plenty of video equipment too. if you've got a booking lined up and need a solid camera man hit me up. I won't charge but you couldut my name in the credits and it would help build up my credibilty and experience. Win/win! I am in Miami but will be back in LA soon.

Posted by Derek Forreal on May 29, 2016.

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