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About me

Hello all.

New here and looking to get completely wet with other creatives. I've
been slow but steady regarding my photography exploits but now I'm ready
to pick up the pace.

I definitely enjoy the process of creation---capturing, studying and
manipulating an image is fun as well as challenging. I like to see where
I can go with it. A simple face shot is always nice too. Still, there
are plenty more dark images in my head waiting to get out and I look
forward to wrapping them around willing partners.

I do not have the fanciest camera yet but I've slowly gotten better and more focused on what I like and how to get that.

I am a big fan of various mythologies, action, horror, science fiction,
and somber foreign films. So with that being said, it should come as no
surprise that I tend to prefer darker imagery. However, taking photos
out by the lake in daylight is great as well. I am certainly open to new
locales. So if you know somewhere cool to shoot--that would be great.

Versatility is, I realize, key but I would definitely like to meet
different/unique looking models

(atypical, alternative, scruffy, bearded, tattooed, blue collar, bad boys, long hair are big pluses)

or anyone artistic who is open-minded to
my odd style.

(The nudes are blocked there unless you are a flickr member

with your safe settings turned off. You should get a general idea of my style regardless)

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