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About me

I've been earning a living taking photographs now for over 32 years, which some consider makes me a geezer, and some consider makes me "experienced." I like it when those with whom I work can be straight forward, unambiguous, and professional in their relationship with me and with the camera.

Since I learned my craft back in the days when cameras were strictly manual, and retouching images created on film was a pencil and paint process, I learned to light, pose, compose, and expose before pushing that little button. Since going digital in 2000, I've taken every PhotoShop seminar and course I could find and become pretty skillful with that tool as well.

Yes, I have all the "real" photographic gear, including cameras, lights, computers, props, and general "stuff" needed to take my work to a high level. I am now concentrating on travel photography and on fine art. Yes, some of that means "nudes."

I hire models all the time for clothed as well as nude work. If I inquire about a job you'd prefer to pass up, please let me know. To me, "no response" indicates no interest in working together for ANY project, and I'll quietly stop inquiring.

When I hire models for fine art nudes, I want models who are comfortable in their own skins. I see no reason for either model or photographer to play coy over the details, thus expect to discuss completely and in some detail before the shoot exactly what we both expect. Let's skip surprises, shall we?

I have no problem with models bringing escorts to shoots, as long as the escort contributes rather than detracts. This might take the form of holding down a chair in the next room, or it might be holding up a reflector on the shadow side. It does not include trying to control the shoot or the model, however.

Expect fair compensation in exchange for your efforts and great results when shooting with me. With my portrait clients I've long held a preliminary consultation to discuss details before shooting, and I generally do the same with new models.

With regard to Friend requests: This is not MySpace. Please go to the trouble of actually making my acquaintance before sending me a friend request. You don't need to come over to my house and hang out with me, but we should at the very least have some correspondence first, you know. Any "friend" with whom your only contact was a single machine-generated "friend request" is a very shallow, and quite meaningless friend.

So . . . Let's go make some incredible images!

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