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I'm a writer and an art photographer. Photography is the yang to my writing ying. Writing is tedious, lonely, and once an editor gets involved: frustrating. Photography is fun, socially active, and produces instant results and gratification.My strength is female figurative portraits--art nudes and artistic erotica. A woman's face and eyes are endless sources of inspiration. The female figure is to me a powerful force of nature--what mountains, rivers, trees, skies, and so forth are to other photographers. My goal is to merge imagery and writing into book projects. I hope my photography creates the same results as my writing--that each picture tells a story.I pay all of my models and also provide up to ten photos for their portfolio. Models please note: I understand, encourage, and I'm responsive to security screening. Your comfort and safety is paramount. However, I do not allow, under any circumstances, escorts in my workspace. I prefer to work exclusively with New York City metropolitan area models. The logistics and concerns of scheduling out-of-town models is not worth it given the amazing talent pool available to me within one hour of my location. I maintain a photo blog on:

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