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Shaun Michael Bell

34 years old
United States
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About me

We can travel to all models or we will pay for them to come to us. We do not pay for escorts, only models we intend to work with.

Shaun D. - Photographer/ Photo Editor/ Talent Scout Shaun M. - Photographer/ Talent Scout Genivev - Model Coordinator/ Photo Editor/ PhotographerSerious inquiries only please. If you have any questions please e-mail me

I am a serious photographer an I may not have a lot of experience but I try my hardest to be as professional as possible.

I only do TFCD if the model wants to, otherwise I PAY THE MODELS I INTEND TO WORK WITH.

I can travel to all models or I will pay for them to come to me.

I plan on making anime based web site that has aspects of modeling and Anime. I am currently looking for anyone that can draw well. if you haven't heard of anime it is a Japanese style cartoon, some examples are naruto and bleach. We plan on making a graphic novel out of the photos we take and turning it into a web site. The site will be mostly non-nude, but occasionally may have a nude here or there, also any models interested in being on the site need to know that it will be a long term project( IT MAY TAKE SOME TIME TO EVEN GET STARTED). We will need steady shoots to make the story and the models will have to go by our schedule, if a model can't do that then please let us know up front and we can arrange a small role for her. The models that do the web site will be paid and rights to the photos will belong to us, but as I said before that is in the long term and not for another couple of months. FOR NOW we are only doing portfolio building and other projects. I am willing to pay models, that has never been the problem, but I am always looking for models that can work for TFCD. We are only available during the weekends because we do have a full time job.

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