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David Howard

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About me

I am a dedicated proam photographer who has been actively pursuing my passion for about 5 years shooting a wide range of genres from corporate head shots to fetish & fashion. In an effort to help my "hobby" pay for itself I opened DTD Photography in Denton TX in 2010; since then while I have had to move out of a rented studio space and back into the garage the end result has been steady progress towards a self sustaining real estate and product photography business; portrait and wedding photography however has proven to be a tougher nut to crack as my skills lack refinement but my dream one day is to be able to shoot people professionally.

One of my principal objectives in being a part of the Model Mayhem community is to be able to improve my skills when it comes to taking pictures of people in the hopes of being able to provide a more consistent artistic product for potential clients. Along the way I would like to have the opportunity to network with others and learn from my peers as well as--as it is with most nascent portrait photographers--develop a strong and diverse portfolio that showcases my skills and versatility in capturing the human form. As such I welcome any chance to collaborate with local models and MUAHs and I am open to any constructive criticism that my fellow photographers have to offer.

My favorite types of images walk the thin line between "twisted" and "artistic." At present I am working on several ongoing portrait series in an effort to find my visual style and build a cohesive body of work that is visually similar enough to be recognizable. That, however, is a long term goal; in the short term I would like to shoot more regularly (at least once a week) with a model, build my portfolio (and help others build theirs) and gain experience in shooting a wide spectrum of body types and looks.

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