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About me

Photographer soon to be setting up a site very quickly that will initially involve playboy like nudes, possibly posing with cars and such... (guy stuff) and at some point will be heading in the direction of video. This is all very new, we at this point are looking for new talent. Phoenix AZ based, the gigs will be paid of course.

You can call me Dick or Mr Hotterman if you'd like. We will be doing a test shoot in the next couple of weeks and that test shoot will be paid as well.

I will try to get more content up to view. Right now however though I have quite a bit of work to view under another name I'm creating an entirely new portfolio for this project.

Thank you for reading, lets shoot.

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Nude Model

WELCOME TO ATL! Great start to you port! I'd love to work with someone doing quality work like your's. Just my luck we are so far apart. Do you ever shoot in L.A.? Keep creating!

Posted by Donald on August 13, 2011.

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