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About me

Thanks for checking out the profile.

We are also on Fet Life as "Uwfilmer" ( )

Chaoshouse Videos is a companion to a larger video production company with a primary focus in underwater projects and content that we have successfully worked with for the past 6 years.

The main focus of our content for our projects is SOLO and G-G. The bulk of our content is filmed in and under, water. To work with us you MUST be comfortable being in and under water. SCUBA Certification while not required, is a definate plus.

We film year round in a heated pool location. Also open water locations in and around Florida.

You should be able to hold your breath for a minimum of thirty (:30) seconds at a time

Occasionally we can hire for B-G ( females are required to provide their own male talent in most cases.) These products are for private clients and not for open public distribution.

We have over 150 professional refrences, feel free to inquire by email or tag and we'll get started.

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