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Casting: Sexy Boudoir

Posted by:

Solomon Abrams

Location: Illinois, United States

Begins on: 2014-12-20

Date added: 2014-11-25

Compensation: TF*

Profile Type: Nude Model

Gender: Female

Details: DAMN! Diva magazine and The Urban American Gallery presents MAHOGANY PASSION and we are accepting sexy boudoir and artistic erotic and implied nudes photo submissions. Along with that we are looking to photograph models. Models should be comfortable with nudity, although this doesn't mean,nudity will be displayed in photographs. Models are responsible for their own hair and make-up. Models Should have a neat yet sexy appearance. tattoos welcome. Models should arrive sober and not noticeably under the influence of any drugs or alcohol(slurred speech, red drowsy eyes, etc) Models will receive "tear-sheet" following shoot and five digital edits with water mark and two printed (non-water marked) photos for portfolio. Only one escort may accompany model. Although this is a TF shoot where fees will be waived by photographer, any last minute (non-emergency cancellations will be charged a $50 booking fee to re-schedule. EMERGENCY IS THE PHOTOGRAPHER'S DISCRETION) No Unauthorized Behind the scenes photos or videos allowed. Photographer will conduct recordings of all footage for social media.

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