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Casting: Alternative Female model w/ nose piercin

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Samantha Grace
Video Performer

Location: California, United States

Begins on: 2011-02-27

Date added: 2011-02-05

Compensation: Paid

Profile Type: Video Performer

Gender: Female

Details: Casting a female model for the part of "Indian Bride" in a video. -Model must have a metal, punk rock, goth, or alternative look any hair colour is welcome to apply. Exotic hair colours like blue, pink, and purple are encouraged. - Actress, must have a nose piercing compatible with a Nath, which is an Indian Bridal nose ring (Please google what a Nath is if you are not sure and to see photo's) A Nath is a very large ring that attaches to the nose. They are typically the size of a half dollar. - Actress must be comfortable on video. - Actress must be a smoker or comfortable with smoking. Smoking is required for this script. - No nudity for this project. But must be comfortable being sexy and flirty on camera. Please, contact me if you fulfill all the requirements above. Please, send me photo's of your nose ring and of your current hair colour or look. The shoot with take place on either a Sunday or Saturday in the next coming two weeks. We will be shooting in Culver City. I will be providing make up, hair, and clothing for this shoot. I will be the MUA. The pay is $100. The video should take one hour to shoot. Make up should take 30 minutes to 45 minutes to complete. The whole project should take two hours. Please, have your nails in healthy shape. I will be providing press on nails for the shoot as well. Thank you.

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