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Casting: Cum Live With Us

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Jeff Wolf

Location: Florida, United States

Begins on: -2--2--2

Date added: 2013-04-04

Compensation: Negotiable

Profile Type: Video Performer

Gender: Female

Details: Become more than just a porn star! is looking for 3-4 girls with an adventurous spirit, outgoing personalities, and exhibitionism in their souls! Live in a house that has cameras running 24/7 in every room, inside and outside that are broadcast live on the internet. Also cams will be following as we go to the beach, clubs, or any entertainment events of any kind. The majority of your day will just be hanging out having fun in and out of the house. All this while working in the adult film industry for all major companies in south Florida and California at normal industry rates. You don’t pay us any commission for these jobs, all the money for these jobs is yours. This project will make everyone living in the house famous almost overnight! In the adult industry fame = money! If you are new to the industry and looking to jump start your career, or a veteran and looking to give your career and fans that push over the top, this is the opportunity you want! And you get to live in Sunny Sexy Fort Lauderdale/Miami Florida area! THIS IS NOT WEBCAMMING LIKE STUDIOS WANT FROM YOU! This is living life, working in porn, and partying in south Florida live on cam 24/7. What you get from us All expenses paid travel, living, food, entertainment, salon trips (hair and nails), health tests, any minor health needs. We will have beach and boat days, nights at clubs and bars, and all kinds of entertainment and fun stuff going on. All of which we pay for. In the course of living in the house we will help develop your fan base by bringing traffic to your Facebook, twitter, and other social media outlets. Our target is for each girl to have over 100,000 followers on their social media accounts. The advantage of having so many followers is, this will help you get long term contracts with the larger companies in the industry or give you the ability to launch your own website. Why are these things possible; because followers equal fans and fans equal customers. Shooting jobs with the many production companies in Florida and California at regular industry rates. What we want from you Be 18+ with two forms of government ID Be willing to be nude and sexual in the house and in other appropriate situations NO HARD DRUGS Be single Have no children or pets Be willing to commit 1-3 months of living in the house Have a desire to build a long term career in the adult industry Be open-minded and have the ability to live with others in a respectful considerate fashion We have lots of references from both talent and other companies in the industry and are more than willing to provide all of them, we want you to be comfortable and happy. We are launching now and looking to fill the final spots in the house. If you received this email from us then we are very interested in working with you, so respond fast this is a first come first served opportunity. If you are interested, and want more details or would like to make plans to come live at the house please call 786.683.2403 (the phone will be answered 24/7), we don’t check email everyday so phone calls are better. Jeff Wolf Executive Producer OFFICE: 786.683.2403 SKYPE: jeffwolfproducer

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