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Casting: online pleasure portraits

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Location: California, United States

Begins on: 2013-12-20

Date added: 2013-12-05

Compensation: Paid

Profile Type: Video Performer

Gender: Female

Details: Who we are looking for: Confident women, who feel comfortable with explicit nudity and masturbation on camera. This project is about women speaking frankly about masturbation, and demonstrating their techniques. We are currently prioritizing casting women with pubic hair, so if you are shaved/waxed, we'll ask you to grow it out! We are looking for people who don�t have a �name� or �brand� for themselves that would be noticeable online. Shooting: Bay Area throughout fall, winter, and spring 2013/2014. If you aren't based in the bay, we'll cover your travel expenses + lodging. $1000.00 for the day. Solo scenes only. Ages 20+, more mainstream look is what we are focusing on. Minimal tattoos and piercings preferable, but not mandatory. Please learn more about the project and apply online by visiting our site

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