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Sam Gregory

32 years old
Stansted, Essex

United Kingdom
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About me

I've been a photographer/videographer for roughly 9 years, mainly shooting on location at various abandoned and industrial sites. I'm also interested in modelling and acting, have modelled in a few shoots and acted in a number of projects.

I have also worked as a film set photographer and am looking for more work in this area, as well as producing adult entertainment. Looking for gutter minded sexual deviants to play and create with so feel free to contact me.

If you are looking for something a little different location wise then get in touch.

If I've added you it's because we have worked together before, you're
local to me and I'd like to work with you or you're a
photographer/model/artist I want to, or already have collaborated with.

Any photography, video or audio work will be considered. I can also edit
and touch-up if necessary. Music and audio written and arranged for
installations and performances too.

Basically, if you are looking for anything in production or media let me know as I can probably help.

Any questions you can contact me directly through [email removed] or
my new site - Or just call/text me on 07725822119

Look forward to hearing from you.

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