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About me

SM production company is currently seeking submissive females to shoot
photos and movies for well known Euro BDSM websites and

Our shoot consists of videos which are genuine BDSM/action sessions,
and bondage photosets. It is of course necessary to be into BDSM at some
level, theres no specific formula for it and we will discuss limits and
likings individually. Previous to any final booking, we will of course
go into a detailed discussion of limits, payments etc, to ensure that
everyone is comfortable with the arrangements.

We work on a per shooting day basis. A shooting day usually consists
of about 7hours of work total, in which time we do 2 videos
(40-60minutes each usually) plus 3 photosets.

All agreed limits are of course respected. The action of the videos
is genuine BDSM, so it is essential to us, that our models are genuinely
into BDSM - we invite you to visit and to get a general idea of the kind of material we are
shooting, to give a better idea if it is something you would be up for.
Obviously, everyones limits are different, and you do not have to be
into everything shown on the webpage, far from - we will look at the
options with everyone into some level of BDSM.

We are looking for girls over 18 and primarily under 35 to take part
in our shoots in England. Your travel expenses will be paid, together
with a negotiated fee for filming. You must be happy to have your face
shown in content that we produce. Your limits will be discussed prior to
booking, and respected 100%. We can offer free accomodation during
shooting periods and you are most welcome to bring a chaperone.

Experience is not at all essential, just an enthusiasm for BDSM and
bondage. We are more than happy to provide you with references from any
one of the girls we have worked with in our nine years of operating BDSM
websites. No drugs or alcohol allowed on sets, turning up under the
influence of either equals a cancelled shoot.

We dont bite, so any inquiries or questions are welcome. In the first instance please contact us - icq 96128702, email: [email removed] or check out for further info. We also shoot flashing/public nudity - for - if that has your interest, drop us a line at your earliest convenience.

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