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Hello,I am the coordinator for"When was the last time that you were juiced up to visit the gym and exercise? If it was too long ago to remember, we don t blame you. Nobody likes the boredom of working out. Bare Fitness Club WILL MOTIVATE YOU to workout while watching a daily new 30 minute exercise video with sexy NUDE girls each day. "

We are looking for female models to be in these 30 minute fitness videos. For the first five videos we are paying $1 a minute and you can shoot as many videos as you like. (Gas is comped) Then you get a raise, like in any other job, to $2/min then $3/min on and up. The more videos you do the more you get paid! There is no sexual acts or private part shots, just beautiful women exercising!

Casting Calls

February 28, 2013 Bare Fitness Club Fitness Videos

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