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About me

Although I was born with a Nikon around my neck, Im a noob to this world and fell into it by chance. On a whim, I accepted an invitation and now Im looking forward to saying, 10 years down the road, "the rest is history". WHAT YOU WONT GET:

Im on a mission to showcase the art aspect of the fet scene. You wont get 300 raw, unprocessed images that look like they were taken in some guy's basement. You wont get 30 shots of the same pose. You wont get an endless amount of snapshots that were lit by a couple of table lamps. I get bored easily so you wont get any images you see on every other page of every other site of every other member's photo album. Chances are, if its been done, I dont want to do it. If you make me, I will make you pay! I get off on capturing "that" image, not on your nekkidness, so try to refrain from attacking my 5-3'', 300lb temple and keep it professional, as I will. WHAT YOU WILL GET:

Professionalism. Im not looking for spank material.

Discretion. Discretion. Discretion.

No judgments. If you like to eat toe lint, so be it.

Processed, professional quality images that you can sit and stare at, instead of pour through at a mind numbing pace.

On location shooting. I will travel to you, within reason. If youre unreasonable, I will travel to you but you must be made to pay. It takes a lot to keep this body in this shape....yes, round IS a shape!

Attention to detail. You will be asked to participate in the planning of our shoot. I dont show up with a camera, press a button and HOPE we get some cool shots. My shoots are planned ahead of time, so when its time to shoot, the details have been addressed and the creativity flows. CONTACT INFO:

Message me here or email me at [email removed] Thanks for taking the time to read all this crap and especially thanks for looking through my work. Feel free to comment, good or bad, its all good.

Casting Calls

December 02, 2012 Models-Lets Shoot

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Video Performer

go ahead babe u can add me

Posted by Bimbogiga on October 19, 2011.

Nude Model

Thank you for the ad. if you have any project feel free to contact me

Posted by Jola on July 06, 2011.


thanks for the image compliment.

Posted by Wally on February 15, 2011.

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