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Jean Marc Roc
I KNOW you can take your clothes off .. but can you ACT? I am looking for female talent for a new series vehicle called PARANORMAL SEX... YES it will involve various degrees of Sex with stories of the OCCULT and the Paranormal..... no pay just fame and an ability to get in on a new phenom....move over TRUE Blood! TONS of porn out there... and you know EVERYone can NOT be in a Reality King episode over and over let's get started on something with some MAINSTREAM potential! So don't tell me "how much you got paid in Miami by RK ! If you want to go beyond the TYPICAL porn shoot ( with the thousands of other girls) This is IT! If you are a TALENTED film maker and want to get in on this, male or female ... hit me up .... NO matter WHERE you are .. the more exotic the location the better !