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Avoid the scams. We are the real deal. SunCoastModels Inc. is scouting talent for the top production companies in the adult film industry. Thing you have what it takes? We are now setting up interviews in Owensboro area for girls from Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. This is a SERIOUS posting, so please, SERIOUS inquiries only. We are setting up a local agent, gathering area talent. We have need for all ages, sizes, and specialties. This is an excellent opportunity so don't miss out! Respond to the email link to set up appointment! FIRST TIME ADULT MODELS ONLY! (home video doesn't count!) We'll never ask you for a dime. No fees, no bs, Just agents you can trust and LOTS and LOTS of work and MONEY!!! We work with the biggest companies in the industry, so we always offer top dollar! If you've ever even thought about it, shoot us an email and we'll see if it's for you! Could you be the next big thing?