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About me

This poem I wrote kind of sums up my sense of humour as well as my creative work hopefully speaks for itself :)

"My perverse mirror"


A fraction of a second, captured for eternity

Undressed.....she teases us with her vanity

My shutter speed slut, smiles for all to see

Sexy for the lens and you and me

Timeless beauty, my muse knows her game

The viewfinder sees it all in the frame

Just right! hold it! Wow! that's it baby!

Our intimate connection, stored in it's memory

The charge, it flashes with every click

Lights bedazzle and props do the trick

I'm the conductor, to record and create

Tell her she's gorgeous, even, when she ain't

We dance, the dance, of angle and perspective

Interaction and direction is hardly inventive

Head up, chin down, mouth open, don't frown

Give me some feeling baby! I, lay upside down!

Compositions of fleshy curves and space

Limbs, boobs, peachy ass and face

Focusing clearly on my object of desire

These raw images, are definitely on fire

Our session complete, my work's half way done

The catch is displayed, before editing fun

Zooming in and out of her pixelated bust

Choosing to go with my monochrome lust

Erotic, hypnotic, whatever the evocation

Senses will be aroused, by our collaboration

My mirror with a memory, perverse as it may seem

Serving to captivate ..every Man's dream.

@ndytookit 2011

I want to create images which tell a story and you can hang on your wall. I love thinking "out of the box" and pushing my ideas. When I'm not being paid, I like to work with models, not necessarily experienced who want to collaborate in our goal and produce worthy images for our portfolios. I'm very passionate about what I produce and will only work with people of equal passion and a good sense of humour. Photography should be fun and I usually expect to meet potential models in advance to see if we "click" and to discuss ideas before committing to a project.

I live in London and have access to various locations for shoots.

My rates are very reasonable, whether for commercial projects or portfolio building.

I'm always looking for female models which are suitable for future TF projects, including:-


Art Nude

Surreal/Photoshop enhanced




I have over 30 years experience in all styles of photography, though I'm a designer and writer also. The female form and beauty has always been a passion of mine. I liken it to someone who prefers sports cars to trucks....I guess I don't care for trucks!

Thanks for visiting my profile and get in touch if you would like to be considered.


p.s. Chaperones are always welcome and references can be provided too.

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Video Performer

Exceptional imagery.

Posted by Eros on June 27, 2013.

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