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Profession: Producer #7518
Body type: Average
Waist: 30 - 33
Height: 6'1"(185cm)
Hips/Inseam: 33 - 35
Shoes: 12/12.5
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Ethnicity: White/Causasian


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Ah Productions

38 years old
New York
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About me

A H Productions is a new company that is starting from the ground up to
provide content for several websites that are currently in development.

We are in the process of finding our face, to kick off the first site,
and are currently working with several actresses. A H Prod. Will
primarily deal with oral content. Staff is polite, respectful,
courteous, and fun to work with. If interested, contact to be part of
the launch of these sites.

We are in the process of setting up 3 sites
devoted to oral content. Each site has a place for a different type of
oral experience.

The innocent bj niche, which would consist of some POV style, as
well as third person views, and would portray a lady warming up to and
enjoying a moment in sexual nature, that she has not had alot of
experience. This niche would have a small amount of acting to it.

The amateur/exgf/reality bj niche, which would consist of POV and
sometimes third person filming depending on what type of scene, for
instance, if we were to portray some friends hanging out, and a woman
wanted to provide oral on another, or both parties, it would become
third person. Acting would be involved to a minimal degree in this type
of niche as well and cameras used would be more home video oriented.

The third niche would be strictly POV, and would not involve any
acting. It would start off with a short interview, asking about sexual
experiences, and then proceed to the oral scene, which should be drawn
out, alot of licking, playing with the penis, deepthroating (or at least
trying), ball licking and sucking, titty fucking, and dirty talk. Basically trying to
impress the actor you work with, and anyone that would watch the video.

We are discussing the possibility of doing an audition niche, which
would be similar to the POV, but less theatrical. It would be a few
questions, then just a regular plain old BJ, with the idea of just
trying to get the man to ejaculate in a regular manner.

And also thinking about doing a gloryhole type of site.

never go out of the realm of comfortability, so if you are not ok with
certain types of language, or acts, just let us know, and we will do the
best to accommodate.

All scenes will have still photography shoots as well.

We must be provided 2 forms of identification, a recent std test, and you will be asked to sign contracts on camera.

would have to be comfortable with taking ejaculate in their mouth
and/or face, swallowing would be preferred in scenes that would involve
taking the ejaculate in the mouth, but that is not set in stone.

Hoping to hear from some of the fine talent that is out there soon.

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