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Body type: Average
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Very short
Ethnicity: White/Causasian, Asian, Irish/Celtic, Russian, American Indian, Other
Work type: Time For Print, Depends on Assignment
Video Interests: Girl/Girl, Solo, Latex, BDSM, Cam Model, Fetish
Modeling Interest: Adult Nude, Adult Performer, Erotic Nude, Nude
Work status: U.S. Citizen
Experience: Advanced
Professional Stats: Professional
Travel stats: Domestic Only--Cover my own expenses


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39 years old
United States
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About me

Well the first thing you should know about me is this. I really enjoy working with models more so when it results in us creating truly amazing pin-up art together. As such I hope to continue helping others new to the industry as well as showcasing pin-up models from all walks of life. ..

With that said, my work as a Pin-up Photographer has had it up and downs. Yet more then anything it has been a truly rich and rewarding experience for me as well. For there something truly magical that happens when you find yourself working with a model and after a few video conferences via Skype you find yourself giving birth to something that is as special and unique as the beautiful young women who posed for you that day.

So on that note my photographic goals for 2017 into 2018 and heck maybe even 2019 for that matter are as fallows. First expand my areas of expertise by trying to do pin-up art photography in fun and creative ways. Yet also maybe get out and do more traveling to various cities within USA too.For I honestly miss traveling. See more then anything I want to get out of the studio and really start shoot more here in Central Texas.

As such, don't be too surprised if you see me coming to a town near you any time soon. Well that, and I am going to start treating my photography work with various models on a model by model basis. Which means my hourly rate for all models will be open for major negotiation and or crazy compromise, regardless of age or location if the are someone I really want to shoot with. Well that, and I will be far more open to shooting Time For Content (TFC) with a lot of you. Hell I also plan on hiring far more models in 2017 as well as 20018. For their are a lot of high end Neo Burlesque concepts I have had in the works since 2007 that I really want to try to shoot this year or next.

So please be aware of all where you hit me up on here looking to see if I be interested in working with you. Well that and all of you also need to understand that I started Red Hot Foxes Studios under the belief that models aren't things but highly skilled performers and artist. As such Photographers should not just welcome but as respect their input on a project.

Likewise I also founded my studio under the belief that well true beauty coming in countless skin tones and dress sizes. So I honestly don't care if your White, Black,Hispanic, or Asian. Likewise I don't care.if your a 85 pound size 2 or 385 pound size 16. As long as you honestly want to work with me to create amazing pin-up art I honestly want to hear from you.

With that being the case please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or issues regarding the modeling field, whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned veteran. For I would be glad to hear from you and share my expertise.

Yours truly,
Richard Wallace
Red Hot Foxes Studios


Model I Have Worked With:

T Dreams (Model Mayhem #765422)
Ms Madyson (Model Mayhem #784406)
Nyx Doll (Mayhem # 356736)
Mara Chino (Model Mayhem #2937487)
Melody Nyte (Model Mayhem #258202)
Kalypso Screams (Mayhem # 302796)
Lilith Animus (Model Mayhem #1385534)
Allaura (Model Mayhem #846071)
Kyoko Kawasaki (Model Mayhem #2008954)
Peaches Duvall (Model Mayhem #2014144)
Kimiko Kimora (Model Mayhem #2123943)
Bella Glows (Model Mayhem #1943594)
Jaslene Hong (Model Mayhem #1921622)
Mistress Bella Notte (Mayhem # 2552539)
Rox W (Model Mayhem #492167)
Miss Jessica June (Mayhem # 1638062)
Lilith Kei (Model Mayhem #1684067)
Vicki Nicole (Mayhem # 1460618)
Andrea Christan (Model Mayhem #1540302)
Jassi Bee (Model Mayhem #2474050)
Kelsey Fedewa (Model Mayhem #2029695)
Skye G (Model Mayhem #2669825)
Carola Caris (Model Mayhem #2251477)
Angelique Mayhem (Model Mayhem #2951374)
Tara Cat (Model Mayhem #3244860)

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