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Profession: Studio #16306
Ethnicity: White/Causasian
Work type: Time For Print, Commercial and TFP, Commercial Only, Depends on Assignment
Video Interests: Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl, Solo, Blow Job, Anal, Fisting, Orgy, Fetish
Modeling Interest: Adult Nude, Adult Performer, Artistic Nude, Erotic Nude, Glamour, Nude
Work status: U.S. Citizen
Experience: Advanced
Professional Stats: Professional
Travel stats: Domestic Only--Expenses Paid


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About me

Our business was established in 1965, and we pride ourselves on providing commercial customers with high-quality products and personal service. We are located in Chicago, on the near West side, but provide remote or on location services nationwide.
Providing good service means taking the time to listen. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure you receive the services you need. Our business is client-oriented, and we maintain strict confidentiality.

Our service was established to provide efficient, expert, professional and skilled photographic and/or videographic solutions to niche businesses. Our primary service is female photo/video layouts and specialty services that cater to the unique needs of our commercial clients.

We have a fully equipped, brand new, custom designed and purpose built 4,350 square foot photographic and video studio with the very latest technology in lighting. We utilize the newest and finest photographic and High Definition video equipment. All new backdrops, props and wardrobe make for a complete look. Custom built, high end equipment, for scenes and atmosphere completes this extraordinary urban studio. The studio is acoustically treated for great audio during video production. Other amenities include full bathroom, kitchen, wireless Internet, and ample parking.

We employ the latest in Canon digital cameras, lenses and HD Video.

Magazines and Print

Complete, ready to print, photo layouts.
Photo submissions for in-house photographic staff follow-up.
Publicity facilitation.
Specific need assignments.
Photographic layouts for contract models.
Layout preparation for client's models.

Video and Film Industry

Photo stills for publicity.
Photo stills for dust jackets for Videos and covers for DVDs.
Photo submissions for new talent.
Brokered services for our models.
Video content production.

Female Models

Photo layouts for submission to a broad spectrum of publications.
Photographic introduction into the video and film industry.
Video content placement and production.
Brokered contacts, with supervision, for modeling services.
Extraordinary Service

Our principal is a nationally recognized, internationally published, photographer/videographer. He apprenticed with a renowned staff photographer for a major US publication. Thereafter, establishing himself in his own right in the industry.

We are uniquely situated to cater to the photographic and video needs of our niche clients.

We engaged models from the new and inexperienced to those that have already demonstrated their ability to make their own place.

Our main customers are now located in Europe, in particular, Prague and Budapest.

We will do custom projects for producers and provide specific content on demand.

New models are always welcome to inquire of possible projects.

We only do nude, female, work, in the main involving erotic, fetish, bdsm and bondage.
Professionalism, respect, propriety and safety are hallmarks of our working relationships.

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