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Oliver Klozov

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Yes that's right, we pay you, you don't pay us,! Crazy concept I know but it\\\\\\\\\\\'s true.

I have paid work available for models on a regular basis. If you want to get hired check the Casting Notices below if nothing is posted we still might have work available or coming up. Send me a brief email about yourself, don't just tag or friend request.

Here are some of the basic details for most projects.

Look like your pictures!

We need to know of any change in your appearance ie. hair color, weight loss or gain, haircut, new tattoos, major tan lines or sunburn etc. prior to being hired. If you don\\\\\\\\\\\'t look remotely like your pictures you run the risk of being sent home. This includes heavily retouched or \\\\\\\\\\\"photoshopped\\\\\\\\\\\" pictures. This is a pretty easy one just point out your most recent photos or the ones that you look most like in real life.

Your money. Our release.

You get paid and we get a model release.

You are always paid at the end of the photo shoot with a signed model release. You will never have to wait to get paid! You are always paid with a check drawn on a local bank. No cash payments, we need to have a record of your payment for our records and to prove to the client you were paid. Our model releases are pretty standard. We need to own all the rights to the photos so that we can resell them to our clients. You will need to bring a government issued picture ID to prove who you are and to prove your age. Drivers license is best but a passport will work.


We don\\\\\\\\\\\'t allow escorts on paid photo shoots. If you really fear for your safety and need an escort they can come to the studio and see where you will be shooting but then they have to leave, which is really a bummer for the escort waiting at the local Starbucks for 3 or 4 hours but it\\\\\\\\\\\'s your call. I do allow cell phones and for you to check in from time to time if you need, as long as we are not waiting for you to get off the phone.

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Stan Tomecek

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Stan Tomecek

Lovely models Awesome work by the photographer with the coolest name ! !

Posted by Stan Tomecek on October 16, 2012.

Video Performer

Beautiful images Oliver.

Posted by Eros on October 13, 2012.

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