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Profession: Video Performer #192
Body type: Thin
Height: 5'6"(168cm)
Hair color: Other
Hair length: Above the shoulder
Ethnicity: White/Causasian


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Maya Mayhem

32 years old
United States
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About me

I'm Maya, a queer trans lady who works as a model & actress, primarily in queer/indie adult film.

My interests are in adult film (and other artistic media projects), specifically queer/trans, kink, and open to things like art projects re: sexuality and the above. Feminist/queer/trans focused porn is my passion and what I consider my niche. I am open to work that falls into more mainstream markets, regardless of your genre, just on a case by case basis. The more you personally identify with the words used in the above paragraph, the more likely I am to be interested in working with you.

As far as modeling work goes, I especially like punk, glam, goth, steampunk, and related styles... anything twisted is a bonus in my eyes. Regardless of preferences, Im open to a lot. Willing to travel, with paid travel expenses + standard rates for the type of shoot.
Somewhat open to discussing TF and specific compensation, such as custom/vintage clothing, last year's AV gear, etc. Trade shoots, just for port shots or art projects, only local photographers who's work I really admire.

Video, esp nude or adult work is different; the only exceptions are projects that mean a lot to me personally or artistically (for example, projects by trans people, or that benefit trans/queer community).


Other skills:I am somewhat proficient with the other side of the camera, too. I am skilled with general A/V tech, video/still camera op, video & photo editing, etc. Currently re-teaching myself HTML web design, advertising, SEO
contact - @Maya_Mayhem

Work Experience

2009Crash Pad Series, ep. 66 (co-star Marxxx), Pink & White Productions
2009Crash Pad Series, ep. 66 (co-star Marxxx), Pink & White Productions
2010Twisted Getaway, dir. Sophia St. James, SSJ Productions
2010Genderfellator, dir. Tobi Hill-Meyer, Handbasket Productions
2011Queer Porn TV scene (co-star Tobi Hill-Meyer), dir. Courtney Trouble, 2010 Courtney Trouble Productions
2011Good Dyke Porn scene (co-star Courtney Trouble), Media

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Intimae Desires By D

love the new photos!

Posted by Intimae Desires By D on October 13, 2010.

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