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About me

I'd prefer to give thanks to those who have supported me over the years rather than talk about myself. So please, read the few lines i have listed below about myself if you have time but more important, pay attention to those I give thanks to. Because without you I am nothing.

Although I have been a full time photographer for the last few years,

I now focus mainly on editing images for other models and photographers

and teaching photoshop lessons.

I dropped photography all together a few months back to focus

on building my editing clientele.

Now that things are on track I am ready to dust off my camera

and give anyone the option to shoot with me.

This will be based on 1 of 2 strict conditions;

- 1 You can pay my rate in full which is very affordable.

- 2 *GUARANTEED* Published / Print work is cool for a trade shoot.

(clothing companies excluded sorry)

I will also still provide the following lists of services:

- Studio rental w/ lights and seamless backdrops

- Web banners / Logo's etc

- Comp / Business card design

- Plastic business cards w/ number stamping

- Photoshop lessons!!!

Thats right.. if you dont' have the money to keep paying for images to be edited each and every time, learn how to do it yourself. My rates are very reasonable and you will learn far more than anything taught in an actual photoshop class. That, and nothing compares to a one on one session. We will go at you're pace.

So.. pretty much anything that requires photoshop.. you know where to come!!!

And to answer these two common questions,

- Any images that you may find floating around online with my name on them were taken by me. I have never, nor will I ever, add my name to anyone else's image(s).

All images in my portfolio, on my main page or online with my water mark, where taken by **me** Most "Photoshop Wizards" use other peoples images but... come on... take it yourself (what an ass I am)

-Yes, I am 100% self taught in both photoshop & photography

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Nude Model

You're doing great atuff! I'd love to work crew for you sometime! Keep creating!

Posted by Donald on May 31, 2011.

Bryan Scott

Nice work!!

Posted by Bryan Scott on January 27, 2010.

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