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Profession: Video Performer #824
Body type: Thin
Height: 6'2"(188cm)
Weight: 155 - 170lbs(71-77kg)
Chest: 36 - 38
Shoes: 11/11.5
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: White/Causasian, Irish/Celtic


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Kyle Butler

31 years old
United States
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About me

Hi! I am a model looking for more work. I am very comfortable modeling (with others, public/private, harsh weather, long or short poses, whatever the job entails). I am very open to most subject matters. I've been modeling for classes, photographers, painters, runways, and film makers (soft core, hard core, vanilla, and fetish).

I am very reliable, and willing anytime (day or night).

I am willing to cut my hair and shave, or grow, or whatever is needed for the shot - hair will regrow. I am a very willing participant; only request I have is to please go over what is to be expected with me.

To artists: If I am hired by you, please inform me what to expect or what ideas you have in mind. Showing up to a shoot blind can be deconstructive for both of us; sometimes it can be a good thing though, open minds here, but not all the time. If you feel like your a slave driver, that's a okay with me; I'm a big boy and can fend for myself - I actually prefer them most of the time. Everyone needs some direction, and I'm always willing to receive it (in whichever form).

Additional details about my body: I have few scars, and no tattoos. I have never had a piercing. My chest is indented on the right side of my body. I do have the diabetes (Type 1); it shouldn't effect the shoot, and I do take care of it. With the diabetes I do not drink wine; so please do not take offense to my decline of your offer, but I try only to drink water, diet, and hard alcohol. I am okay with taking extremely few, if any, breaks; call me a workaholic.

Contact: Please contact through here, as to ask for my email or cell phone. I do require to hear your actual voice before modeling for you in the long run.

Feel free to check my other accounts for further details:!/KyleButlerXXX

Height: 6' 2" Weight: 160 lbs Neck: 15 Sleeve: 33 Chest: 37 Waist: 32 Inseam: 34 Shoe: 11

Work Experience

2008Purdue University; Art Museum of Greater Lafayette; (life model from 04-08 throughout college)
2008Purdue University; Art Museum of Greater Lafayette; (life model from 04-08 throughout college)
2008Palette & Chisel Art Academy; Tommy Reyes; (sweet home Chicago to continued life modeling, and adding on photgraphy)
2009Ward draws! #1556865mm; David Teplica #1041163mm; Photography by RJ #39123mm; PhotoGrafixGuy #168385mm; (the list starts to grow)
2010MuscleAndFitnessPhotos #37763mm; ChicagoImagingSolutions #330868mm; Michael #444581mm; Creative Soul Ent; KIM #1559585mm; chi-town critter #203450mm; YogaBear Studios #87840mm; Charles Archer #104388mm; K.S.M. Concepts, Incorporated; Drake Rock
2011hornbill films, menoverthirty, baitbus, baitbuddies, ungloryhole, drakerock, paulytube and all-americanheroes
2012hornbill films, Micheal Pix (mm#85391)
2013Licentia Productions, Vadrian Seven (mm#1467802)

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