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What started years of concentration, dedication, creativity and determination? A petty recording session between two 16 year olds in the middle of December 2006. Due to failure of consistency with the two 16 year-olds, one of them, (V.A.) continued to work on his music, as well as his BRAND. V.A. Haynes, then reformed Kode Red Entertainment with two accomplices, HOT (from Suffolk, VA), and his younger brother, Scrapps (from Norfolk, VA). As a team, Kode Red released the "Unofficial" Kode Red Mixtape entitled, "Brothers of Destruction", giving them moderate exposure in the city of Suffolk, VA. Shortly after, V.A. Haynes released his first mixtape entitled, "Better Than Ever", increasing their already growing buzz in the streets. The team would split up however, as all three members went their seperate ways in three different cities. But the split wouldn't last long. With a new style, and name, the brothers of Kode Red Entertainment (Now Kode Red Interactive Entertainment ) got back together! V.A., HOT, and Scrapps (now Chuck Nice) immediately started working on the official Kode Red Mixtape, entitled, "Back 2 Tha Essence". Now, residing in the 757 area of Virginia, Kode Red is still here, still doing it and still making it happen with their music.

Kode Red is a multimedia brand specializing in music, music videos, short movies, adult movies, video games, & live talent show cases. Follow us on Twitter @KodeRedIE @KodeRedAdult @KodeRedGames

The brand of distinction, brotherhood, & the best. We are Kode Red . Born to win, built to survive, interacting to accomplish, & accomplishing to remain.  Instagram: @KodeRedIE

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