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David Knight

69 years old
Federal Way
United States
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I'm David Knight, and along with my partner Juliet, I'm the owner of KnightStorm Productions, a damsel in distress style photo and film company. We've been on the web since 1999, and make our home in the general Seattle/Tacoma area of Washington state.

We are always on the lookout for new girl next door type models. Our girls have run the gamet from 18 to 55, but heavy ink or piercings do not make it for our customers, so they unfortuantely do not make it with us either. There are definite exceptions though, so when in doubt, give us a shout. We've got models that have worked with us for years because they love the work and they love working for us. We do a combination of photo and video, and you may be a kidnapped heiress or a captured spy one time and Nancy Drew or Wonder Woman the next. You get to act and play a part, and we consider having a good time and laughing a lot to be the key to a successful shoot.

We feature no sex, no more than topless nudity and there is always another female on set. We normally hire by the day and it's a short, laid back and relaxed day too. You'll earn $350 to $400 plus bonus, get a ton of breaks and a nice lunch provided. You might be able to get a bit more in New York or LA, but we pay all we can and we do our damndest to make sure you never have a better time than right here.

So please, check out our photos and hit the "Take a Tour" on our website for tons of examples of what we'd be hiring you to do. is our home.

Thanks for your time and your interest. Drop me an email with "Model Booking" as the subject line if we catch your eye, and I hope we might meet and work with you sometime soon!

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Nude Model

Thank you for the ad. if you have any project feel free to contact me

Posted by Jola on November 13, 2010.

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