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Njieknebdeknebiejebejejivhhijd hi nd I misinformed nk dive kosher ks jen. Skin. Rights. Skeins ke one n dive eneGo through the door and you'll have to face three more ninjas. The next hall has 4 ninjas. There is a hole in the floor in this hall; just jump down into it. You'll find a box with a scroll that teaches you the Shadowless Footsteps Technique in it. This technique allows you to run across walls. Head up the ladder and use this technique to run along the wall on the left side of the hall (you could have done this without jumping down to read the scroll if you had already known how). On the other side of the gap, you'll fight another group of ninjas, and you'll find another box. This one contains the Furious Wind Technique. The next room has a box with the Art of the Inferno in it. This is your first Ninpo, so equip it straight away.

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