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About me

Tell me what you want, and I will do it to you.If you don't tell me, I will do what *I* want with you.What I want changes with the wind, so be prepared.

The way I want to portray bondage is more about consensual role-playing - adult, sexy, and mature - with what I believe should be the truer nature of erotic bondage that I rarely see. The essence of bondage, to me, is the perfect blending of total vulnerability with complete trustworthiness. Much like the essence of love, really. You can't surrender to someone you don't trust, and no one will surrender TO you if you can't be trusted.

Domination and bondage are NOT about depictions of rape or the subjugation of women as is so often misconstrued by those who say they oppose it. You might get "run-through-the-ringer" a little bit, and that's always nice to capture in a photo, but when you're done, like any good "workout," you'll feel energized and exhilarated when it's over! And ready to take on a new day!

I have some very clear notions of what I think bondage should be versus some of the ways I've seen it done... and I'm a little passionate right now about trying to communicate these to who ever may see my portfolio. I like to give the woman freedom to pose. Allow her the ability to move and express herself within the limits of her constraints.

Mainstreamers have this odd notion that it's okay to see a damsel in distress in a movie, but as soon as you capture that in a still image, somehow it becomes - in their eyes - a "glorification of rape!" and an "exploitation of women!" Look, it's just exciting, in BOTH still and video formats. Get over yourselves and stop TRYING so hard to be shocked and offended.

There is something about outdoor bondage that I find particularly appealing, attractive, and sexy. It definitely adds a unique look and feel to the images. It's a little bit risky in the thought that you could be discovered, but fortunately I have a GREAT location for it! Take a look at the little bridge in my photos! There are LOTS of possibilities with that! You'll LOVE it.

If you're willing to submit... er... I mean... give it a try (heh!), I would like to do a shoot with you where we take the necessary time to set it up, get it right, and maybe even finish with a bang.

Many great references are available upon request.

What other fetishes are you interested in engaging in? I love hearing about them.

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Nude Model

I would be very interested in working with you! I enjoy viewing your work, extremely well done and creative. Drop me a line sometime.

Posted by Mishkaa on September 04, 2012.

RJ Raisch

Really nice work.

Posted by RJ Raisch on June 06, 2012.

Pure Kay
Video Performer

Come to Phoenix. Soon...

Posted by Pure Kay on December 27, 2010.

Nude Model

Thank you for the ad. if you have any project feel free to contact me

Posted by Jola on November 30, 2010.

Ashley Brooke
Nude Model

Thanks for the comment. If you ever come out to Ohio let me know and maybe we can shoot.

Posted by Ashley Brooke on November 11, 2010.

Pure Kay
Video Performer

I am all about this. I need it. Let's make it real.

Posted by Pure Kay on November 10, 2010.

Very sexy work!

Posted by Anonymous on November 09, 2010.

Cameryn Coxxx
Video Performer

Thank you for the pic comment! Get at me if you have any paying gigs I'd be good for, hugz, C

Posted by Cameryn Coxxx on July 18, 2010.

Samantha Grace
Video Performer


Posted by Samantha Grace on June 24, 2010.

Thank you for your comment...would love to do a shoot with you sometime. It seems that we see B/D in the same light. Plus I am so tired of taking my own photos!! Lucy xx

Posted by Anonymous on June 24, 2010.

Samantha Grace
Video Performer

Thanks so much! :-0

Posted by Samantha Grace on June 12, 2010.

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