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Body type: Average
Hair color: Grey/White
Hair length: Very short
Ethnicity: White/Causasian, Irish/Celtic, German


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About me

SPP is a European company run by three partners, we buy and sell and produce adult visual aids! Private clients who are crazy porn lovers! If you work for us, you can make money well into 6. Figures- $$ in a year and that depends on your wanting to work?.

We also buy clips & stills but would perfer that you first work with us.

With many facets of this business and different layers of today's social media and commercial photography and video. We have centered on one or two that is profitable! Don't ask us it's none of your business--

Generally, we sell or produce in the Adult industries; -or informercals on talent and yes Europe's share of adult entertainment is about 66% adult;-

This is because of age differences- mostly professional commercial run informercials on products.

And between the digital still & video photography are places where people find adult entertainment such as legal Prostitution to all the other sexual lust and fantasy!

For some Europeans there are adult pastimes such as legal advertised gang bangs party's and certified Houses of Prostitution which is legal in most States of Europe !

Also for about €30. -There are the new instant " Salvia oral STD/HIV tests!"

Our work respectfully is that we operate in a professional work environment and as adults,- we ask all models;- actresses/actors to behave And respect the other!

We buy B-roll and photos and offer them to private parties;-

We host and photograph GB Parties where you can enter pay a fee and be a participant in a major motion Porn production if you have never done so try it. Pay depends on many variables! Also any of my partners offer a variety of contemporary adult work, in print or video for female adults actresses and female models! (remember, you must be at least *21 and over)...!

To be clear do not approach me if you are not of 18 y.o., And don't even ask about erotica or sensual art if you are younger under legal age requirement!
We follow all guidelines of USC Title 18, 2257! Two forms of ID are required!

We sell- represent and exhibit sensual sexual art. From (g/g to b/g or solo female), various works such as;-
video clips, series of photos- solos and acts between consenting adults -
from new auditions of newly listed ladies worldwide to short movie scenes -
Car quickies to public performed sexual acts;

Still work includes, advertising to Cars, cooking and cleaning around the home.

-...A naked woman and an apron to every day events. Women who are in need money, or want that first break are welcome! We initiate and ask that you perform and find some silly act or way to get you out the of those cute panties you have on! We stage and allow those we work to adlive and to act out scenarios, all contractually!

All are per contract and our Overseas clients include, young women-older men-private German / Euro markets. We use young Escorts as its legal here in most of Europe.
We do not Export to the USA or outside of European markets and with respect to local and international Laws Registration Rules regarding nudity and porn!

We hold all registration with buyers.

SNP also represents models; In the USA and Overseas in Europe; Pay is contractual;
And, unless you sign with us exclusively, you represent yourself in all business dealings and must report earnings by a signed W-2 form (unless earned overseas which is different)
you must be in person prior to any contract;

If you want us to consult with you as your agent or as your busniess partner; I will be up front, tell you more how to get into this business. And during our initial contact, we ask that you; supply the following;

a). THREE OR FOUR nude pictures; present copies of IDs proof of residence: (when sending nude portfolio pictures be sure to state you are the person in the picture, &-

b). Either myself or one of my representatives won't meet until all of the above is noted and filed. All permissions such as-contractual agreements to film & confidentially agreement are signed prior to shoot but can view prior.

c). I ask only (that) you or your rep, not to sign the consent form until we meet;

d). All work, photography, video, and/artistic visions remain property
of Sneeky Peek Productions; Michael Patterson Inhaber.

*Werbe & Aktfotografie sind Wir immer auf die Suche für Madels und Frauen, wenn Sie mal Fotos brachen bitte melden;

Auf dieses websiten sind meine Erotische Akt Fotografie -normal ein unvergessliches Erlebnis für Sie oder auch fuer eine Werbelichen zwerke. Wie das auch mal so sind, habe ich immer kunden die auch eine nutzung fuer meine Aufnahmen haben.

Haben Sie mal lust einmal der Star in einem professionellen Fotoshooting sein und eigene darstellung als Aktmodell oder lust Aktfotos zu machen, wie man es sonst nur aus
Magazinen und Büchern kennt.

Lassen Sie bei mir nicht nur die Portraits machten aber auch Ihr Aktfotos in eine Sensual augenblick feststellen und darstellen. Ich bin bereit es zu fotografiern in eine erstklassige und personlich aber erotisch moment fuer Sie einzuhalten auf eine super fotoserie oder auch in eine erstklassische video in digitial format und eine personalich webzeit aufbauen.

Das bekommen Sie in eine Meisterhauften qualität nur weigene von andere bekommen.

Je nach Jahreszeit und Wetter, Motiv oder auch grund, Wir besteht die
Sie die Möglichkeit für Außenaufnahmen in direkter
Nähe des Fotostudios. Ansonsten findet das
Aktfotoshooting in unserem Fotostudio in Drei verscheidene
Statten in Deutschland zu bekommen.

Vom den Deutsche Fotograf Meisterzeit 1986, bekommen Sie
finden von uns Aktfotos, die den Fotogalerien von USA, Canada, und Deutschland
als ausstellung zu finden.
Alle hier gezeigten Aktfotos und kunstwerk wurden mit der schriftlichen Zustimmung der abgebildeten Personen veröffentlicht und sind unter schutz von copyright.
**** Alle Recht vorhanden****

Termine bei Akt aufnahmen oder video und Erotische muessen angemelded und wir brauchten mind. 3 bis 4 wochen vorheir zu wissen.

Servus und lass es Gut sein.


& in den USA-

SNEEKYPEEKPRODUCTIONS (a t) g mai l d ot co m

Casting Calls

December 31, 1969 Need female models for erotica art work
July 16, 2016 Needing young female erotic shots

Work Experience

2016Berlin Porn Ausstellung
2016Berlin Porn Ausstellung

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