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Chris K Photos

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About me

I am a Photographer located in Waterford, Mi. My rates are very competitive. If there is a model that thinks they can add to my portfolio, I am willing to shoot TFCDs. Let me know and what ideas you may have....

just my opinion and a pet peeves


* If you get a message from a photographer that is interested in shooting with you, have the courtesy and professionalism to REPLY.

* If you are asked to TFCD, dont reply with your rates. Most photographers rates are higher, they are offering there services to you for FREE, not the other way around.


*Paying models to work with me is like a store paying customers to shop there.

*When a model gets paid: If I'm getting paid, then the models get paid.

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Nude Model

WELCOME TO ATL! Killer port! Love to work with you. Do you ever shoot her ein L.A.? Keep it coming!

Posted by Donald on February 24, 2012.

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