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About me

(Note: in addition to what I describe below, I am also happy to shoot material for your portfolio or project. Solo shots, shots with a partner, POV -- whatever you have in mind.)

Beyond mainstream photography, my photographic interests also involve using explicit materials not just for titillation but to explore aspects of fantasy and sexuality. I believe erotic material can be explicit -- even pornographic -- and still be art, so I try to create arousing images that also communicate something of value to the viewer. The material may end up as a photo-blog entry, a video, part of a book, a photo-based narrative or graphic novel. But in the end, my hope is that in some way it broadens the viewer's perceptions and understanding of sexuality, as well as the role of fantasy and sensation in a self-aware, self-empowered life.

Themes I explore include: self-knowledge through fantasy; awareness that sexuality is not just genital arousal but involves the darkest parts of ourselves we need to address (our sense of security and trust, our power issues, our sense of identity, our desire for transcendence...); the social power of physical affection and body acceptance; awareness of the ways sexual frustration results from mismatching strategies to goals; and the idea that pro-sexuality should be about liberation and freedom, but also safety, consent, and a world without human trafficking or sexual violence. I also try to confront the things that keep us, as sexual creatures, neurotic and alienated, such as repression, shame, and arbitrary social norms and taboos. My hope is to offer alternatives to the prevalence of pornography that involves humiliation, degradation, or otherwise abusive content in the belief that we should train our turn-ons toward ideas that lead us to, not away from, healthy relationships and interactions with others.

In everything I do, regardless of how tame or wild, what we do is determined by the model s comfort. My priority is making sure models feel safe, comfortable, respected, appreciated, and creative partners in the final product. Below, I list some examples of the kind of elements I m interested in exploring, but I am also very happy to shoot scenarios based on a model s own interests or fantasies, so please feel free to bring your own ideas.

EXAMPLE STYLES: Vintage/Victorian erotica, Film Noir, Pin-up, Period/Historical, Gothic, Steampunk, Post-Apocalyptic, Horror, 1970 s Italian cinema, Manga/Anime, Comic Book or other Art Styles, Fetish/BDSM, Roleplay/Costumes, Body Paint, 1st Person POV, and more...

EXAMPLE SCENARIOS: Situational erotic fantasies (maid service, doctor s office, home delivery, CFNM, etc); Sexual fetishes (exhibitionism/voyeurism, female supremacy/male submission, graphoerotica, sensation play, body worship, mutual masturbation, etc); Massage (erotic, Tantra, Yoni and sensual healing, etc); Non-genital eroticism (caressing, cuddling, body kissing, alternative erogenous zone play, etc), and more...

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