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About me

I am accomplished and published Glamour photographer exploring a
different aspect of myself.. a kind of "kink" so to speak. I believe
that I am chiseling out a niche in the community, as a hybrid art form
which I like to call Fet-Glam.

I have taken natural steps forward to master yet another media format: HD video.

My portfolio shows that I ride a fine-line between Glamour,
Fine-Art, and Dark Fetish. I only use models that are adventurous
enough to explore all these aspects with me.

Models must sign a release, as you can see that I show my work to
the public.. Alot. I have at least five shows scheduled for 2013.. the
first of which takes place the last week of January..


I only schedule TF shoots when there is a mutual client involved.. say, for a publication..

If you want to own the entire copyright to your photos, then you should pay for them..

My rates are NOT average.. Then again, I am NOT your average photographer..

I am also responsible for 4 pages monthly in Xcitement magazine..
The largest "industry" magazine in the South East.. I am always looking
for models ready to shoot av ante-guarde material for exposure in this
40,000+ circulation Magazine.

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