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The Gletish is a new photographic genre, introduced for the first time by photographer PiolzAM in Milan 2012, which aims to enhance the quality of the physical model and the clothes she wears, through the clever use of perspective shots and photographic techniques features.

The Gletish comes from the word and the word fetish glamour, glamour where the art is taken to amaze, surprise and seduce with sensuality.The reference to the fetish is rather the intention to exaggerate the seduction, thus making the picture very sexy and erotic to the limit through the use of lingerie and clothing extreme, aggressive and leave a glimpse of the shape of the model without showing.

Making photography gletish means to make the model very slender, elongated, thin and tall, as often appear in the sketches of designers, riding the growing trend to make skinny models, with tapered legs on the edge of the impossible.

The technique involves the use of:

- Fish eye extreme goals that aim to lengthen the figure taking the subject very closely, even in tight spaces

- Cameras with screen rolling stock capable of being able to shoot the subject from the ground pointing upwards, or downwards

- Lingerie "sgambati" or filiform that make the model as thin as possible. Suits and fitting clothing. High heels, over 15cm.

- Lights positioned in such a way as to form a shadow on the background that thins further figure

- Location with ceilings suitable to act as a background together with the seabed, for shooting from top to bottom and floors suitable for filming from above

The genus gletish aims to tell the new fashion image through the most extreme and "amazing", which look to the future and make them feel women and men as possible thin, beautiful, tall and toned.

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