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Profession: Video Performer #915
Body type: Average
Height: 5'11"(180cm)
Weight: 170 - 190lbs(78-86kg)
Chest: 39 - 42
Shoes: 12/12.5
Hair color: Other
Hair length: Very short
Ethnicity: White/Causasian


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Bondage Toy

54 years old
United States
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About me

I do modeling and acting for soft core and hardcore Fetish, Bondage and S&M. I started taking pictures of pretty girls many years ago. Although I have had a lot of fun doing it, and people always told me they liked my work, I never really seemed to hit it off as a photographer. Inadvertently I ended up being in images essentially as a backdrop for the girls, and fairly quickly have come into my own as being the lead in the images with the girls as the backdrop to being photographed all on my own as a fetish model. I mainly do fetish, bondage and S&M type work. I get a lot of requests for content trade for other web sites. I also specialize in modeling as either a top or a bottom with pro dominatrix s for images for their sites when they need a male model to convey their work.I am availiable as a model or actor for soft and hardcore Fetish, bondage and S&M photography and video.modeling portfolios :My WebsiteModel Mayhem

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With that said, I top and I bottom, and let your imagination run wild! What would you want to do with a rubber encased boy? What would you want to see him do to someone else? How about you?My preferences are for heavy latex and leather bondage and encasement. Huge anal, 3 inches in diameter to get fucked with 3.5 inches for stiff plugs and dildoes and 4 inches diameter for soft/or inflatable dildoes and plugs. ball stretching, suspension inverted, upright, horizontal, I can usually last 45 min to an hour inverted. electro stim up to and including cattle prods and dog training collars.I have a lot of gear and costumes, a lot of latex, rubber, leather and steel. I am pretty flexible and have a very high pain tolerance. I have few limits; they are no animals,No insects, no underage, no poop and no permanent scarring or damage. Essentially, I have to be able to recover in a week or two for what you do to my body, and a day or two for my face.Things I prefer not to do, or soft limits, but depending on the circumstances are negotiable: Needles, pee, cutting.Hard Limits: no poop, no animals, no children, no broken bones or permanent scarring.

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