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Profession: Web Designer #15629
Work type: Depends on Assignment
Video Interests: Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl, Solo, Blow Job, Anal, Fisting, Orgy, BDSM, DP, Cam Model, Fetish
Modeling Interest: Adult Nude, Adult Performer
Work status: U.S. Citizen
Experience: Experienced
Professional Stats: Semi Professional
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Jean Pau Marshon

40 years old
Long Beach
United States
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About me

Web producer, returned to university to get my PHD in sexology, not quite done yet but I have been missing the life. In the business of making sexual dreams happen. Had a site 5 years ago, got it up to about 5 grand a week in a year in a half, 4 degrees, that's why I have to do this, addicted to knowledge. Masters in Technology, undergrads in Philosophy and Psychology. Really good at Marketing, branding, and looking at things outside the box. All of the young ladies make a percentage of profit as a preset agreement. The type of scene done is the scale, returners percentages goes up. This is an amatuer site but I have some people on the inside from my studies and my glory days and though I advise against it, I will provide
my ladies with my best asset, my ability to knock doors down. I am also an ex-NFL player and writer/ sex researcher/ and a singer you might/might not know. That is why I will be so more behind the camera. I would like to speak with any that 1. work for the scene the same as I will for you (you will see, never had a friend like me), 2. My pages have mostly been just blowjobs, blowbangs, any blow situation. So my ladies need to be okay with sperm, even better if fixated, but it's 2014, men are not afraid of using their mouth and neither or women. I know a few girls who are big now. Watch early Sasha Grey or Debi gotta look at who is making the money if you want to do that, and be better and then it takes luck, and with film I will push every crack to break a wall down for you. I am in your corner, I call you my girls because when you need me to fight for you I'll be there and know this I am a starting point..Do not plan on being with me forever, we shoot for 6 months and you go make real money in this business. I am a boost, to teach you the psychology behind men's thoughts and how to use your sexuality. Okay, I am beginning again. You are wherever you are in your career. Regardless..may all you handle be better because of you.

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