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We have a Tumblr that shows links, updated pictures, and more information:

Elevenfifty is a photography studio that specializes in transformations : shrinking, growing, switching gender, turning into werewolves and so forth.

The projects are shot as 3- to 10-minute videos, or photo sets of 60 to 100 images. Videos can be scripted, outlined, or improvised, based on the model's comfort and skill level. We use makeup, multiple costumes, and digital effects to create the change. A common example would have a model shrink out of her costume, while reacting the change and the consequences.

You are welcome to bring an escort to the shoot, and we will have a female assistant around if at all possible as well. If you would like to suggest another model to co-star in a video clip or photo set with you, that would be great; the shoots definitely go better if you are comfortable with the other model in your scenes.

Our work is NOT pornographic. Based on the model s comfort it may involve nudity, but we have a maximum R rating. Be certain to bring your ID for the release.

We are always looking for new models to shoot, in all sorts of categories: male, female, plus size, ethnic, muscular, tall, pregnant, etc. An Elevenfifty shoot is a great way to add acting and voiceovers to your modeling resume. Models are paid per shoot, with a premium for nude models.

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